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Making an appointment at the eye clinic


You can make an appointment  by ringing or getting in contact through the website, or email 

To receive a Medicare rebate, covering part of the cost of your consultation and treatment, you need to have a valid referral from a doctor or an optometrist. If you are not Medicare eligible, or do not wish to receive a Medicare rebate, a referral is not necessary.


If you are a new patient, please fill the online patient registration form.



Your visit at the eye clinic


Your visit to the eye specialist usually includes an in depth assessment of the health of your eyes, in the context of your general medical condition. Your medical and eye history will be recorded, and your eyes will be examined.


Make sure you bring:


  • Your glasses or contact lenses (if you use any)

  • A list of your medications

  • A referral letter from your GP or an optometrist (If we request it when you book your appointment)

  • Your Medicare card, Pension card (if applicable) and your private health fund membership card (if applicable)


The examination often requires dilation of the pupils (using special eye drops), which allows detailed examination of the back of the eyes (your lens, vitreous, retina, macula and optic nerve)

Note: Please allow at least an hour for your visit. Your vision will be blurry and glary for a few hours after dilation of the pupils, and it is not recommended you drive with dilated pupils. Our clinic is conveniently located across from McKinnon Train Station and a 626 bus stop.


Cancellations and non-attendance 


If you cannot attend your planned appointment, kindly let us know more than 2 days before your appointment time. Cancellation fees will otherwise apply.

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