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Resources for clinicians




CoDEx: Computerised Diagnostic Expertise


CoDEx is a free online computerised diagnosis system designed to help non-ophthalmologist clinicians (GPs, emergency physicians, optometrists) form a relevant differential diagnosis in cases of acutely red eyes. It also contains information about each condition and is illustrated for ease of use. It relies mainly on directed history taking and artificial intellitence analysis of the user's answers. The system was developed in 2014 by Dr Ehud Zamir at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, using a grant from Melbourne's Lord Mayor Charitable Foundation. Dr Zamir's lecture about this system can be accessed here.


Lecture video: Using patients' history and symptoms in diagnosing acute ocular problems


Dr Zamir's lecture video: The value of symptoms in making ophthalmic diagnosis where thorough ocular examination is difficult or impractical (36 minutes).

EZ Ratio: A novel method for estimating the anterior chamber depth.


Learn how to measure the anterior chamber depth with a digital camera or your smartphone. The method was invented by A/Prof Ehud Zamir and recently published in TVST by a team of ophthalmologists from the University of Melbourne . 

Relevant for GPs and other non ophthalmologists who assess patients for possible 

angle closure glaucoma.

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